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FAQ Page2021-02-15T00:56:56+05:30
What do I do now ?2021-02-15T00:57:22+05:30

Browse the talent which you need for your event or else Post your Requirement. Its as easy as that. Still have questions, reach out us.
Call: +91 9518750147
Customer Support Email: [email protected]  

What are our service costs for this?2021-05-15T23:05:10+05:30

For the lack of better words, Its Free! . There are definitely no hidden or extra costs we charge you. What you see is what you pay, and what you see is what you get. You are not expected to pay anything extra either online or offline. Should there be any situations where you face any additional charges , do report the same to us.

What if the talent does not show up?2021-05-15T23:06:48+05:30

In case of such an unfortunate event, we will attempt to arrange a back up on a best effort basis. Such an event has not happened throughout the history of our bookings. Touch wood :)

How are you different from other hiring websites?2021-05-15T23:09:12+05:30

Every talents on our platform are expertly talented/screened and the information provided is authenticated much in advance. Now you can view talents online, finalize one through booking and sit back and relax. We are here to make this cycle fast and very simple for you.

Are you responsible if there is a problem with the vendors?2021-05-15T23:11:07+05:30

No, we neither plan nor take performance responsibility. We only connect you to the trusted artists, who are reviewed by our customers and colleagues. In any case, if there should arise an occurrence of abrogation, we will attempt to find an equivalent replacement.

Why should I use Oh I See Everyone.com?2021-05-15T23:13:37+05:30

Since it’s helpful and saves you a load of time! You should simply post your requirement in this platform. The speedy and point by point recommendations from us makes a lot simpler to finalize and settle the ‘right’ talent for you. Our focus is on getting the best talent for you and ensuring you have a successful event!

What type of photographers will I find on Oh I See Everyone.com?2021-05-15T23:15:50+05:30

We have talented photographers in all sorts like conventional, candid, wedding, kids, portrait, portfolio, fashion, product, location, event, corporate and so on. We likewise have cinematographers in all the genres.

Who can use Oh I See Everyone.com?2021-05-15T23:16:19+05:30

Anyone who is looking for Actors, Actresses, Photographers, Live Bands, DJs, Comedians, exceptional talents can use our platform.

What is Oh I See Everyone.com?2021-05-15T23:18:52+05:30

Oh I See Everyone is an online platform where you can hire actors and talents in fast, convenient and effective way.

We offer a tremendous choice of talents for a wide range of corporate events and music venues. Simply share your requirement, take it easy as you get the quotations from the best. Our focus is on getting the best talent for you and ensuring you have a successful event!

What does it cost?2017-08-16T08:15:36+05:30

It’s free to join and build your portfolio. You submit quotations to the customers with credits.

How do I join ?2021-05-15T23:20:38+05:30

It’s a simple process, fill this form. Complete profiles get more clients, thus we would assist you with finishing your profile. Whenever that is done, you are good to go to quote for the shoots!

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